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Product Transparency

"Resist the mantra of speed that violently leads to losing oneself. Resist the illusion of something new at any cost." Alessandro Michele NYT.

"We do not need to buy a new item every day. We need to re-evaluate what is really important to us. Start buying more consciously. Start buying Slow Fashion."

We want to certify the origin of our product.
Because product is the basis of Dream Yourself™ and our work.
We believe in a Fashion and Design of excellent quality, eco-sustainable and projected to evolution, a work made of details and research, to ensure products durability, comfort, refinement and respectful of nature.
The Italian law does not sufficiently protect the Made in Italy, for this reason we want to inform you about who works with us, what certifications we require and how ethically we see our fashion in the near future.
Our Manufacturing and all our Suppliers Respect Human and Workers' Rights

We are looking for raw materials, accessories and packaging with certain eco-sustainable characteristics, preferably with Detox Greenpeace certificate.

If you want to deepen "slow fashion world" visit:   What is Slow Fashion? NYT